Prayer Garden and Retreat Updates

Dear Friends, During this season of uncertainty and sickness, we have been blessed to be able to spend time dreaming and working towards the practical steps that will allow our space to become a fully functioning retreat and contemplative oasis. We are nearing completion of designs for a cottage that will be available for individual … Continue reading Prayer Garden and Retreat Updates


Host a House Show at the Hiding Place!

In 2018, the Hiding Place is looking to begin a series of outdoor concerts using our newly constructed outdoor stage. We are looking for a variety of genres of music--folk, gospel, bluegrass, play it, we'll love it! Concerts here can hold up to about 100 people. We are a short walk from the Deanwood … Continue reading Host a House Show at the Hiding Place!

Work for Nothing House Concert

Featuring the music of Brian Mulder, sharing songs and stories from his recent album, HOLOTROPIC, "an introspective folktronic soundtrack of the last few years of his journeys through solitude, deconstruction, relationships, and pilgrimage"; Tyler Dunning, an author and storyteller who recently released his first book "A Field Guide to Losing Your Friends" accompanied by a … Continue reading Work for Nothing House Concert

Baby Chicks on the Way

One of the things we were most excited about when starting to plan out our urban farm adventure was the possibility of raising chickens and having fresh eggs to eat. In February, we built a chicken coop, anticipating getting our chickens in early spring. We're obviously a bit beyond that now, but we're excited to … Continue reading Baby Chicks on the Way

Planting season is underway!

Even as we're finishing up preparing the last of our raised beds, most of the beds in the hoop house have plenty going on. In addition to lettuces, spinach, kale, collard greens, swiss chard in one bed, we're also starting to see our cucumber and bean seeds sprout.       Typically tomatoes are not … Continue reading Planting season is underway!

Hiding Place Dedication

We kicked off our urban farm adventure today with our first work day, and more importantly, consecration of our space and vision. Over 20 people came through, including 4 children, neighbors, church community, and just dear friends to help us get a whole lot of work done. To dedicate the garden, we used the prayer … Continue reading Hiding Place Dedication