Dirt for Sale!

There are probably few things as exciting as a giant pile of dirt being dumped in your yard. And I mean giant. About a month ago, we had 20 yards of compost/topsoil mix dumped in the middle of our back yard. Now, while we had been excited to get this garden/farm project underway, watching literally tons of dirt spill slowly all over our grass made everything feel real.

We have used approximately half of the dirt that was delivered on the 6 beds inside our hoop house. We plan to use some more for flower beds and a couple more outdoor vegetable beds, but in all likelihood will not use more than about half of the remaining. If you need some quality dirt for a gardening project, please contact us to come get some. We just ask for a small donation to help recoup some of the cost of the dirt. IMG_0093Maybe $10/cartload.

Happy gardening!


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