The Hiding Place is meant to be a space of refuge for all those in need of rest and sanctuary. Part of our vision is to provide a meditation garden, indoor solitude space, and resources on how to engage in the inward journey. While there are many places to take a personal retreat, it can be hard to find somewhere so close to Washington, DC! Our space can offer a day-long retreat for those who need a space to reflect without having to travel.

The prayer labyrinth or walking path is in keeping with centuries of monastic and contemplative traditions. There are many ways to engage with the labyrinth, but each turn of the path directs the sojourner toward the center, which is God alone. At the center, you may choose to offer prayers or even just sit and reflect. The labyrinth is a great activity for small groups to do or individuals. Anyone is welcome to use the labyrinth without advance reservation. Soon, other elements will be added to enhance this space.

A private room for solitude is available upon request and reservation starting later in 2020 as we begin construction on a small hermitage. Icons, candles, incense, and other items as well as books and Bibles are available in the St. Francis room to aid in your journey inward. We will happily leave you to reflect and pray as you see fit, or if you need direction in finding resources, we will do our best to support you.