Our 2017 Vision for the Hiding Place

This is a big year for us.  When you put a name to something, it makes it real.  When you make a website, it makes it pretty real.  When you get 20 cubic feet of dirt dumped on your yard, it makes it VERY real.  We’re hopeful and thankful as we begin to take steps towards our vision.

In 2017, we have a couple of things that we know are (probably) going to happen.  Read on to find out how you can join us! Also, look under “Upcoming Events” for the specific dates and times.


  • It’s planting season!  We will be hosting monthly work days in our urban farm to create garden beds, plant seeds, and keep up with farm maintenance.  There will always be lunch provided and lots of appreciation.  Come for as long you can, and please bring a shovel and work gloves if you have them.
  • Brian has hosted a sunrise Easter celebration and champagne and waffle breakfast for the past four years.  We are excited to host it for the first time at the Hiding Place!  We will gather for a time of contemplative reading, prayer, and songs to worship the God-Man who rose from the dead and then feast in celebration with waffles, champagne, and all sorts of goodies.


  • We will continue to host monthly work days to harvest what was sown in the spring and keep up with garden maintenance.  We are happy to share the produce, so please come and help!
  • We are in the beginning stages of putting together a series of outdoor concerts, open mics, and movies at the Hiding Place.  We’d like to feature local DC artists and create a fun space for friends, new friends, and kiddos to hang out and enjoy our huge yard!  

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